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Three people: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Maintain the technological superiority of the US Air Force

The United States Air Force has enjoyed—and earned—a reputation for advancing innovation and pushing the envelope to maintain every technological advantage.

Our scientists and engineers play the central role in maintaining Air Force leadership and superiority in air, space, and cyberspace. They are working on the cutting edge of research and development in advance Air Force laboratories and dedicated facilities around the country.

At 16,000 strong, our team of STEM professionals is unrivaled in the breadth of their exploration and discovery—discoveries that impact the defense of the nation and the lives of each American. GPS, advanced meteorological equipment, special and exotic materials, and many other systems and innovations play an important role in convenience and safety of our daily lives.

They work with advanced technology and on projects their counterparts in the private sector and academia only dream about—a real professional advantage—in realms as diverse as the environment to nuclear physics, from toxicology to geophysics, from mathematics to applied chemistry.

Read about some of our many discoveries and innovations here.

Unlike our counterparts in business, industry, and academia, we at AFCS are committed to something far more important than the bottom line. We work every day in the defense of our nation and the values we hold dear.

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